The Male equivalent of Beautiful

I’m sure many of you know that calling a girl beautiful is one of the highest compliments you could give her. Its perhaps deeper and more meaningful than the words cute, hot, or pretty.  As a matter of fact I’ve been advised to believe  I am “…beautiful no matter what they saaay” (  that comes from the song “Beautiful” Christina Aguilera).

Anyway, I wondered what the Male equivalent of that was. Well, I happened to stumble upon what I think is the male equivalent is. Nick vujicic, as giving a speech or talk to group of kids and I remember saying something like: ( to the girls),  “You are beautiful” and towards the boys he laughed saying,  “You the man!!”  

Sure enough there was a song that came out

So anything like “You’re the man!!”  suffice to say will probably really uplift a guy.

Going deeper this related to this song “According  to You” by Orianthi  basically seeing  yourself in a good positive way.

In addition, I remember hearing to “You see yourself as good next to the cross”. I have an inkling of the understanding of that but I could delve deeper.