So for awhile now , I have been up in arms considering what direction I should go as concerning having an income stream.

I  have been on track many years pursuing a career that may just not be right for me.. ( there was some breaks during this period but I they weren’t breaks I wanted..)

I’ve racked up enough loans to pay off house. I’ve been on the treadmill distracted, unfocused and getting by but not prospering in other words it been tough.. not not only this but other issues making for an unhappy ride..nevertheless, I do know that there are people who have it worse then me. I should be grateful and do what I know could help me.. eg. the counsel of the Most High…

So one of these recent morning I got the word ( something like this )

“In a place of space you will discover what it is you like”

I was so grateful to get that..It’s an answer to what I’ve been wanting..


Far far too long .. years.. I spend my days constantly engaged in activity, mostly the internet ..I sort of spend my days aimless..not really taking control, the reins of my life ..

I heard about space earlier… it seemed like ( maybe it was angels) said in dream that if I make some space in my life, that I would get a reward..

The example they gave of someone taking space, was perhaps a guy apart  maybe apart of some sort of musical act taking a break from touring.. I guess the key words or phrase*  is “taking a break”

Which reminds me of something else I heard, It was perhaps,   “Study the bridge of truth ..the lull”

one of the definition of lull is

noun: lull; plural noun: lulls
  1. 1.
    a temporary interval of quiet or lack of activity.
    “for two days there had been a lull in the fighting”
    synonyms: pause, respite, interval, break, hiatus, suspension, interlude, intermission, breathing space; More

    antonyms: activity


interestingly enough, “breathing space” and “break” are synonyms of the word lull

Maybe I should look up the definition of space…Well I looked it up on one site, but that didn’t yield anything that might help me understand it more..I looked up space idiom and got breathing space again..

All in all after watching especially this vid

I feel I have to like really somehow..not be so engaged in tasks constantly throughout the day..too much activity that I forget my focus , my goal, what things I should really be doing concentrating on to get. For some reason I get pulled to be online a lot.. :/




*disclaimer: I am not too familiar with this youtuber, so she may believe things that I don’t .Basically, I am not like condoning all her beliefs ( you may encounter in other vids)